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Seeds sown 2019

Ipomoea Split Second Double

Planted 11 seeds April 2019. All 11 seeds germinated. Transplanted a week or so later into 3inch pots. As of 1st June 2019, all 11 plants growing well, there’s a couple that are slow moving, but they will pick up quickly. They have cane to wrap around. Nice to see lots of leaves.

A day after they emerged
Ready for transplanting

This is a few of the MGs after potting into individual pots, but, before they are given a stake to entwine along.

Ipomoea, split second double


It’s the first time I’ve grown basil from seed. We use a lot of basil in cooking which often brings about a regular weekly pot of basil to be added to the shopping list. Well,I had been thinking of getting some seed and seeing how well I get on with growing from seed.
I started with buying a packet of Italian basil from Amazon along with some other seeds. So back in June 2019 I planted the seeds, which where pellets of several seeds, about ten to a three inch pot. Covered them with a poly bag and set them on to the study windowsill. It’s warm and sunny in the study so it’s been the ideal place to grow many cuttings and seeds. A week later they had germinated and then by about the end of August I had some very nice looking plants that was used over a weeks. The flavour was superb. Worth the small effort to get some really nice basil.

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