It is really Spring-like weather with blue sky and sun bearing down on us. Was 19ºC here in Nottingham UK on some days. Good for many a hour in the garden bringing it back into order. I have continued planting and and also clearing the garden – wish I had been able to clear away in the autumn tho!! Never mind, will get on with it. And try to keep on top of the dreaded pernicious weeds like ground elder and now bindweed which I discovered only this week – let battle commence.

Any way…..

…. it’s on with the week’s Six on Saturday

1) Spirea, Bridal Wreath
I often find the photographs of this Spirea do not do it justice. It has put on another great show. In the bright sunshine it is like snow. At dusk it lights up the garden.

2) Camelia, a red one
Amazing these plants are as they survive the harsh winter then produce these amazing red flowers. Many of the flower buds don’t form into full blown blooms and seem to rot especially in wet weather. They do provide glossy evergreen leaves.

3) Clematis, Zara (Boulevard Series)
Fresh healthy growth from. C. Zara with large pale blue flowers later in early summer

4) Sedum
Second year growing this plant. Good early growth so expect this year will reach a better height too. Wonderfull for bees when the deep pink flowers bloom.

5) Phycocarpus, Little Angel.
Little Angel is a smaller version of Physocarpus diabolo. Require alkaline soil but plant with plenty of ericaceous compost or plant in a pot. Grows to about a metre plus and similar spread.

6) Narcissus, Sailboat.
You can see how this got the name, I think, as the white petals tend to sit back away from the yellow cup. Have loads of these and a great addition.

That’s it for this week’s Six on Saturday. To our host of Six on Saturday, The Propagator, thank you. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until next week’s #SixonSaturday all the best and happy gardening.