It’s been a good week mostly, though rain stopped gardening on Wednesday. Spring has certainly sprig with blue skies and warmer daytime temperatures. Managed to do some cutting back and weeding, weeds they are tough and pernicious but the hoe is often a good enough gardener’s tool. New tree arrived this week, hurrah. Potatoes are on the windowsill nicely sprouting. Not sure what else to grow veg wise this year, time will tell.

Any way…..

…. it’s on with the week’s Six on Saturday

1) Flowering Cherry. Betula, Snow Queen, and a plum tree that’s not mine.
Buds about to break on the cherry. The Silver Birch bright and white as ever. The plum tree is what overhangs from neighbours garden, above my greenhouse!!! Grrrrr!!!

2) Narcissus, Rip Van Winkle?
This is from a bag of mixed daffs planted two years ago and looking pretty good as unusual style of daffs.

3) Hellebore, Speckled Yellow, Double.
This was flowering last year but this season is outstanding with large blooms of yellow and speckled red.

4) Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree Salix caprea Pendula Kilmarnock
This dwarf willow arrived earlier this week. Looking forward to seeing this in leaf. I chose this as it’s only going to grow to a height of about 2.5 metres about 2 metres spread. Just a matter of planting it.

5) Multi-headed narcissus
A bright cheerful daffodil in white petals and small yellow cup. Second year of flowering.

6) Hellebore, x Hybridus ‘Double Red’
Just beginning to opening and expect it will have done by the weekend is out but too late to see for this weeks Six on Saturday. A bold red.

That’s it for this week’s Six on Saturday. To our host of Six on Saturday, The Propagator, thank you. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until next week’s #SixonSaturday all the best and happy gardening.