Well, got down to do some gardening and garden plant shopping too. Yes, new plants shown off here today 🙂 Lawn had it’s first mowing of the year today. Some tidying up done on the front and the back gardens. Greenhouse needs some attention but I’ll get round to it, yeah of course I will, definite. Still dealing with other projects though. Hope the weather’s not too bad though as does feel so good being in the garden ready to make it grow and bloom again.

Any way…..

…. it’s on with the week’s Six on Saturday

1) Primulas, and Narcissus – Teté a Tete.
Just happened to be in a garden centre so I thought these would not go amiss in a spare container. Planted on the day of them being bought too.

2) Erysimum, Poem Lilac
Had to have another Erysimum this year, really I did 🙂
These plants are such great show stoppers from early in the year throughout most of the year.
Can be short lived.

3) Bunch of Tulips.
No idea which variety these are but there’s going to be a good show to say they’re from last year first showing. Watch this space for more Tulip, in bloom of course.

4) Pieris formosa
These buds have been hanging on through the wintering now just beginning to break. This is only a small portion of the shrub and it’s going to be a great show from this somewhat straggly shrub.

5) It was a bit messy but now…. have Hellebores, Crocus

Like how they are tall and erect the Hellebores are with the flower heads almost facing ahead, not quite though. Zebra grass cut down too.

6) Narcissus – Teté a teté.
A group of narcissus basking in a little sunshine. This is the third year in this same shallow planter. Though the crocus did not fair well this time.

That’s it for this week’s Six on Saturday. To our host of Six on Saturday, The Propagator, thank you. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until next week’s #SixonSaturday all the best and happy gardening.