Continuing the idea to show the garden’s development. I will include picture view or views of the garden from weekly photo(s), from various angles as I am able. I will, so far, only include the back garden as this is the garden in need of developing into a garden again.
It is approximately 24 metres (80ft) (revised) long and 9m (30ft) wide. There’s brick garage/store and wooden shed which takes up a fair bit of the land. With a greenhouse at the bottom end of garden which is over shadowed by next door’s plum tree. There are flowering Cherry Tree and a Silver Birch Tree. With numerous shrubs. Aspect, north-facing from back of the house.

It’s been months since I posted about the garden development. May not seem much for many, but I have added more plants and tried to keep on top of the bindweed and mares tail and weeds in general. Lawn is very weedy in parts but that’s to be dealt with soon or may be next year. A new fence panel in place too. The Spring flowering bulbs have been planted, hurrah! I’m looking to get more height or climbers for the fence which, gives me opportunity to buy more plants. There’s plenty to clear and tidy at the bottom of the garden and given time and okay weather, there’s good chance I’ll get further into the project of getting this garden to something manageable.

Panoramic view taken Oct 2021