I missed last weeks entry for Six on Saturday but I was in Devon for a short break. It was well deserved and fun time too. Well here we are in October and autumn is well underway. Woke this morning to see it had rained (0.3mm) overnight. Had hoped to get the lawn mowed perhaps for the last time this year but shall see later. Before my short break, I managed a visit to Felley Priory Gardens, Underwood, Nottinghamshire. Of course there was many plants still flowering in the borders and good weather too. I’ll do a Felley Priory Garden special soon. There has been a few plants bought too, you cannot go to a garden nursery and not buy a few plants or six. Some of these new plants feature this week.
Any way…..

…. it’s on with the week’s Six on Saturday

1) Hellebores, ‘Double Water Lily’ and ‘Double Light Pink’,
Two new (to me) varieties that will go well in the garden and provide for insects in the early part of the year.

Hellebores, ‘Double Water Lily’ and ‘Double Light Pink’

2) Violas, Purple.
These have replaced the purple Surfinias, in a hanging basket, and look a great match especially with the Orange and Apricot theme in the bed below which is still doing well.

Violas, Purple

3) Echinacea ‘Green Twister’
Interesting, different, and hope to see a good display next year, this being one of the six I bought recently.

Echinacea ‘Green Twister’

4) Rosa, ‘Dame Judi Dench’
Yet another entry of the ever blousie yet still droopy Dame Judi Dench rose. Many flowers have bloomed and still they continue.

Rosa, ‘Dame Judi Dench’

5) Erysimum (Wallfower), ‘Apricot Delight’.
Again it has been providing masses of non-stop apricot/orange flowers and has become more prostrate in habit but I’ll soon lick it back into shape for next year’s show.

Erysimum (Wallfower), ‘Apricot Delight’.

6) Thunbergia – Black-Eyed Susan.
These have gone wild so much growth but loads of flowers. Very please with the display and more for next year too. I bought these as plug plants but will give a go growing from seed next year, I hope, it’s a plan any way.

Thunbergia – Black-Eyed Susan.

That’s it for this week’s Six on Saturday. Whatever you’re doing be safe and ensure that you enjoy your gardening or what ever you do. To our host of Six on Saturday, The Propagator, thank you to him. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until the next week’s #SixonSaturday, all the best. May pop in with the odd Post of the Day, too. Watch out for occasional view of the garden in development on Fridays. (Last update: Friday 9th July 2021)