Hey, where did September go. Yes, it’s the last few days of the month but the weather has been reasonable. I got a chance out of my busy schedule to go and have a walk around a garden here in Nottinghamshire and may have come home with some plants too. More of the garden and the plants soon.I managed to mow the lawn on Thursday and give an edging too, nice and neat, along with some general tidying with bulb planting too.
Any way…..

it’s on with the week’s Six on Saturday

1) Rosa, ‘Dame Judi Dench’.
Still a drooping rose, it’s shame because the rose is a beautiful flower. Apparently, the drooping is a common feature of this rose.

Rosa, ‘Dame Judi Dench’

2) Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Early Sunrise’
These have been amazing at providing a bright cheerfulness and light up the garden too. Still going strong, great.

Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Early Sunrise’

3) Dahlia decorative type.
I am hoping for more from this dahlia seems a lot of foliage at the moement but there are many buds to turn into these perfect flowers.

Dahlia decorative type

4) Fern, Brunnera and Hellebore.
A corner of just foliage of various shapes, sizes, colour.

Fern and Brunnera

5) Rosa, ‘Lady Marmalade’.
The new roses for this year have performed very well and there’s many buds to give a good show this autumn. More to come from them soon in the weeks to come before the frost.

Rosa, ‘Lady Marmalade’.

6) Sedum.
This is my first time growing sedum and this is a unknown name variety but the bees are all over it in this September sunshine.

Sedum with bee

That’s it for this week’s Six on Saturday. Whatever you’re doing be safe and ensure that you enjoy your gardening or what ever you do. To our host of Six on Saturday, The Propagator, thank you to him. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until the next week’s #SixonSaturday, all the best. May pop in with the odd Post of the Day, too. Watch out for occasional view of the garden in development on Fridays. (Last update: Friday 9th July 2021)