A week where we have had glorious sunshine and high temperatures but by Thursday/Friday turned to rain here in Nottingham, UK, Friday was rain all day and heavy at times. It is very welcome rain too. No more watering now. Though be on the look out for snails and slugs! More planting has been done which is in good time for the wet weather. I have many plants in their pots for planting but hopefully these will end up in the garden, soon.


… now it’s time for this weeks Six on Saturday.

1) Calibrachoa, ‘Can-Can Sunrise’. Something to brighten the wall of the garage well a little bit of the wall! A good friend bought this for me and it’s perfect addition.

Calabrachoa, ‘Can-Can Sunrise’

2) Digitalis – Foxglove, ‘Dalmation Peach’. Two photos, the first taken in bright sunshine and the second during rain showers. Foxgloves loved by bees. There’s quite a striking difference between the two photographs. This is part of the peach and orange bed.

3. Phygelius ‘Moonraker’. This is often feature on Six on Saturday. It does has one annoying habit, it spreads quite easily with the roots making quite quick headway across the garden if not kept in check. It is a very useful plant as it gives some bright colour with the hanging yellow flowers along with some height too. Probably grow almost anywhere in the garden.

Phygelius, ‘Moonraker’

4. Annual Gaillardia. I had some back-up plants in case I might need them to fill in some gaps these will come in fine for such a job along others.

5. Rosa, Pink. No idea the variety. if I remember it was one bought from newspaper offer many years a go but we never knew the name of it. Grows to about seven foot high. It did have a good pruning and has come back well with may shoots and many buds.

Rosa, Pink

6) Allium, Violet Beauty’. A dome of violet flowers that look shiny in the sunlight.

That’s this weeks Six on Saturday. Whatever you’re doing be safe and ensure that you enjoy your gardening or what ever you do. Our host of Six on Saturday, The Propagator thank you to him. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until the next week’s #SixonSaturday, all the best. May pop in with the odd Post of the Day, too. Watch out for occasional view of the garden in development on Fridays.