Here we are in the first week of June. The summer weather has been great very hot though, with some cloudy days also late night heavy rain on one occasion. Watering has been the order of the day especially as I’ve got many new plants. Which leads me on to the fact – I’ve reinstated the watering system. There is a new controller, installed some months ago. There is further work to do yet but at least aa new patch of the garden with new plants are watered without effort. This time last year I had several roses in bloom but not one has flowered. I am sure that soon there will be flourish of rose blooms soon. However…..

… now it’s time for this weeks Six on Saturday.

1) Centaurea montana. I was excited to see this again as it has been missing from the garden for a while and up popped this wonderful plant. Unfortunately, it has grown near the greenhouse door, not where I would have chosen. It’s very welcome though. The bonus is that I did not plant it so a freebie!

Centaurea montana

2) Lonicera – Honeysuckle. I don’t know the name of this variety of honeysuckle but it does have the sweetest scent that is often wafted in the air. The plant is very well established and is producing many flowers still in tight bud but will be opening very soon.

Lonicera – Honeysuckle

3. Clematis ‘Carnaby’. I have been waiting and waiting for this to flower there aren’t many flowers, usual with this plant for me because of it’s situation. Brightens up a corner of the garden with the magenta eight petals, that get’s some sun in the morning but most of the day it’s in shade. Very large flowers, too. I am hoping that once I have the fence under control with the Winter Jasmine and the bindweed this will flourish even more.

Clematis ‘Carnaby’

4. Thunbergia, Black-Eyed-Susan ‘Orange Improved’. This is one of 6 plants of Thunbergia and is rearing to get planted perhaps that will happen tomorrow. It is named in kind to Swedish naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg. Bring some of Madagascar, Africa and Asia, where they are known to originate, to my garden. There are three varieties so time yet to see them in the full glory. My first time growing this plant, too.

Thunbergia, Black-Eyed-Susan ‘Orange Improved’

5. Allium ‘Violet Beauty’. Another Allium I found tough to photograph. This is still in the early stages of flowering, expect more starry pictures to come from this as it develops.

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’

6) Achillea ‘Moonshine’. I look forward so much to this Achillea in the weeks may be months to come. Grey-green foliage. The flowers attract hoverflies and bees. Common name is Yarrow. Not invasive at least not this variety.

Achillea ‘Moonshine’

That’s this weeks Six on Saturday. Whatever you’re doing be safe and ensure that you enjoy your gardening or what ever you do. Our host of Six on Saturday, The Propagator thank you to him. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until the next week’s #SixonSaturday, all the best. May pop in with the odd Post of the Day, too. Watch out for occasional view of the garden in development on Fridays.