Continuing the idea to show the garden’s development. I will include picture view or views of the garden from weekly photo(s), from various angles as I am able. I will, so far, only include the back garden as this is the garden in need of developing into a garden again.
It is approximately 24 metres (80ft) (revised) long and 9m (30ft) wide. There’s brick garage/store and wooden shed which takes up a fair bit of the land. With a greenhouse at the bottom end of garden which is over shadowed by next door’s plum tree. There are flowering Cherry Tree and a Silver Birch Tree. With numerous shrubs. Aspect, north-facing from back of the house.

Okay last week there was no posting. However, on that day seven days ago I had replaced another fence panel. This is the thing that can take a bit of time depending on the fit of the panel but proved ok. In the last week there has been many of the plants set out to go in the ground. All new plants of which there are many. Six on Saturday will explain the details of those as the weeks go by. Since we’ve had a lot of rain and also warmer climate the last week there’s been a flurry of the bindweed it is relentless. If I keep on top of it then it will gradually become easier to manage. I will have it coming at me from the boundary for some time to come.

This view showing more work done and compared to some weeks a go is vast improvement.

The usual long view from the corner of the brick garage