Weather for the week has been pretty good throughout sunshine on the last few days especially however nights are very cold. Shortage of rain is the problem now as ground quite dry. I know, gardeners and farmers never happy. Tender plants need to be kept under wraps. I have still been hacking at the garden getting rid of the Hebe most of it is actually from the top has gone as I had a good go at it on Friday. Now have to dig out roots and it won’t be easy along with Zebra grass. Hoping to rescue some of the grass though. Planting still to be done I’ve got Dahlias, Hemerocallis, potatoes and four roses needing my attention, along with several more plants. I’d better get on with the planting!
It’s still Tulip time and there’s a better selection this week and there’s better weather when the photographs where taken so they are open. One Narcissus too. I still have many Narcissus in flower and a couple of Narcissus containers yet to bloom.
When I was on the look out to buy spring bulbs it was a matter of what you can get was best chance of getting anything. Hope, for this year to pick better selection of Narcissus and Tulips, though many of these I have never grown before so good on that point. Hope you like the selection on offer. A simple Six on Saturday this week.

I am continuing a feature, each Friday, with view(s) of the garden I am trying to transform or develop. When you have a moment please check it out.

Okay, fellow gardeners, time for this weeks Six on Saturday.

1) Tulipa, Affaire (white tinged pink), Fire Wings and Yokohoma (yellow)

Tulipa, Fire Wings, white Affaire and Yokohama (yellow)

2) Tulipa Angélique and T. Flair Fully open this week.

Tulipa Angéliqu.e and T. Flair

3. Tulip, Red Impression, Purple Rain with Muscari.

4. Tulip, red is ‘Strong Love’ and orange is Princess Irene’.

5. Narcissus. Cannot identify this one, it’s an odd one that’s taller than the rest that have not flowered yet! But, one of many Narcissus still in bloom.

6) Tulips a selection of close-up pictures from some of the above.

That’s this weeks Six on Saturday. Whatever you’re doing be safe and ensure that you enjoy your gardening or what ever you do. As always our host of Six on Saturday Great and Wonderful – The Propagator. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and view blogs from around the world. Until the next week’s #SixonSaturday, all the best. May pop in with the odd Post of the Day, too. Watch out for weekly view of the garden on Fridays.