Continuing the idea to show the garden’s development. I will include picture view or views of the garden from weekly photo(s), from various angles as I am able. I will, so far, only include the back garden as this is the garden in need of developing into a garden again.
It is approximately 24 metres (80ft) (revised) long and 9m (30ft) wide. There’s brick garage/store and wooden shed which takes up a fair bit of the land. With a greenhouse at the bottom end of garden which is over shadowed by next door’s plum tree. There are flowering Cherry Tree and a Silver Birch Tree. With numerous shrubs. Aspect, north from the house.

Slow movement on the clearing of the garden. There’s a lot to do so it makes for hard to show the changes.

Hebe is being cut back more and more until it has been taken out completely along with the Zebra grass. Then I can get to work on the ground to eradicate the bindweed and bramble! There’s also a wild rose in there which will need digging out, too!

Long view, wide-angle
More of the Hebe has been cut back.

Will be glad when more of the fence panels are replaced, too. Some can’t be done as at top end, left side, there’s two clematis growing away very well so will wait until later in the year to replace those panels.