Continuing the idea to show the garden’s development. I will include picture view or views of the garden from weekly photo(s), from various angles as I am able. I will, so far, only include the back garden as this is the garden in need of developing into a garden again.
It is approximately 24 metres (80ft) (revised) long and 9m (30ft) wide. There’s brick garage/store and wooden shed. With a greenhouse bottom end of garden which is over shadowed by next doors plum tree. There are flowering Cherry Tree and a Silver Birch Tree. With numerous shrubs. Aspect, north from the house.

Slow movement on the clearing of the garden. There’s a lot to do so it makes for hard to show the changes.

The regular long view of the garden towards the Spirea. Not much change except for the new growth that is continuing to break through. Also, continued attack on the Hebe!

Long view – “aerial shot”

Not a great deal of change except for the spring flowering bulbs making for a slow difference to the garden. Most of the bulbs had to be in pots as I no idea when the garden would be ready for direct planting. Also I can put the containers in the best place as they begin to bloom.