Continuing a new idea to show the garden’s development. There will be picture view or views of the garden from weekly photo(s). There will be different angled shots as I am able. I will, so far, only include the back garden.

It is approximately 21 metres (70ft) long and 9m (30ft) wide. There’s brick garage/store and wooden shed. With greenhouse bottom end of garden which is over shadowed by next doors plum tree. There are flowering Cherry Tree and a Silver Birch Tree. With numerous shrubs. Aspect, north from the house.

View closer to the bottom end of garden.

Done some clearing out of the bottom end of the garden and discovered in corner on the left a wooden bird table! Greenhouse yet to be cleared! This is a set of photographs taken earlier in the week.

This is to be the veg plot. Partially dug over.

I finally dug over some of the allotted bench vegetable plot. Saving some of the turf for replacing in the main lawn areas that have become bare. More to do but little by little.
Watch out for next week’s view, if you can bear the excitement. I’ll try to keep it to the same day each week, too. Thanks for looking in.

A friendly Robin on the look out for the food

A friendly Robin on the look out for the food that will have been disturbed during my digging.