Another week goes by of lockdown. Busy time of the year with the preparation for Winter and the planting for Spring flowering. Good luck to all and have a super weekend and the week ahead too. Happy gardening.
Here we go another Six on Saturday. Look forward to seeing many more from around the World, too.

1) Tulip Planting, pots. Bought more pots, via Ebay. Six of them planted with the Tulips of which you can see the packet labels. I have put plant labels in each pot and there will be stick on labels on the body of the pot too, ensuring proper identity later on. Our host The Propagator is the a Tulip King, therefore, I am not trying to put one up on the great man, though. Just a little bit of competition 🙂 There are more tulips on the way and they will planted this weekend, to add to the many I have already planted the week before.

Tulips, just some of the collection new for this year

2) Olive shrub. This has taken me by surprise as these where green when I last saw them and a few days later they had transformed to black olives. Or was it the cold that has blackened them? The third image is new growth, it’s cold and it’s November and all this new growth too. Yes there’s more on the shrub. Wow. It’s never going to give good olive fruit but it provides some very good leaf colouring and has survived many a bleak winter through the last twelve years.

3) Fatsia. This is not a plant of mine but I had to include as my friends garden has had a surprise this year as it is the first time it has flowered. Since seeing this plant, last Sunday, I think I might have to have one myself. Also, when walking, I have seen two gardens with Fatsias in full bloom.

4) Winter Jasmine. This Jasmine has been pulling out all stops flowering profusely. When the sun shines upon those yellow flowers there’s a brightness that you get almost blinded. Yeah, I know sunshine is in short supply now, but this was photographed on a good sunny day. Some cutting back to do in the spring to get this back in order.

Winter Jasmine

5) Viburnum bodantense. This is flowering spectacularly well this year and will continue to do so for many months. The scent is intense too. it has grown quite tall, not shown here, so will need to cut back next year.

Viburnum bodantense

6) Leaves bagged. Four bags of leaves collected from around the Forsythia earlier this week. May be more to collect yet, if they don’t get blown away in the wind. Good leaf mould in the making.

Bagged leaves, leaf mould in the making.

So that’s this weeks Six on Saturday. Whatever you’re doing be safe and ensure that you enjoy your autumn gardening. Of course as always our host of Six on Saturday is The Propagator. Pop over to see the delights on his blog and blogs from around the world. Until next week’s #SixonSaturday, all the best. May pop in with the odd Post of the Day, too. So do have a look from day to day too.