It be Halloween, so watch out for the black cats and the pointy hatted witches and broomsticks. You never know what you might come across, eh. Take care though, whatever you do on this spooky night of the year.
I have, as you might have seen from a previous post, been having a bit of tree cutting down to size. The Ash tree is no more. From a windy Nottingham it’s time for a Six on Saturday again.

1) Camellia buds. Nicely fattening up to bring a red flower from this amazing plant that flowers in the worst of our cold weather. Good glossy evergreen leaves too. Unknown variety.

2) A common Ivy. Still in tight bud but not sure they will be doing much now the cold wet weather is here. Again here the glossy leaves are the show off.

3) Viburnum bodnantense, Dawn. Still bursting with flowers as it has since late summer. Here the leaves not so interesting but the stems have the deepest reddish-brown with the leaf stems a brighter red.

4) Winter Jasmine. This began a some weeks a go with a single flower now a few weeks later there are many flowers and it’s only the end of October.In the past years the winter jasmine has only laster till the middle of November. Lots to cut back here, a job next Spring, may be.

5) Betula, Silver Birch, Snow Queen. A jointy angled shot of the leaves left on this fabulous tree. There’s going to be fewer leaves after today’s windy weather.

6) A collection of young plants in the greenhouse. The plants in the middle are Viola, Rhubard and Custard. However, the rest, and there’s more elsewhere, I do not know the names of. I’ll update when I’ve found out! Although, I do know they are perennials.

So that, the weeks Six on Saturday. Whatever you’re doing be safe and ensure that you enjoy your autumn gardening. Of course as always our host of Six on Saturday is The Propagator. Pop over to see the delights of blogs from around the world. Until next week’s #SixonSaturday, all the best. May pop in with the odd Post of the Day, too.