Well, it’s been a short while since I did this Six on Saturday blog. (It’s a year since I began this blog back in Oct 2019). I’ve actually been gardening, I know, so rare these days. Any way, I have made some in-roads to get rid of most of the Hebe that overtook the lawn and the garden. Now it is looking somewhat tidy. It’s been a tough period but I’ve got on with some much needed jobs, lots around the house too. there’s been bulb planting in the newly developed area. I’ve emptied out a trough that wasn’t doing much and revitalised it with new compost and planted Crocus and Muscari. The lawn is looking more like it should do though more work needed, then again it always needs attention after the years of neglect and the ant hills taking over. So, on to Six on Saturday….

1) New ground. Here’s what I meant about the new piece of ground. More work needed on the Hebe but that will be dealt with from fence side. Now I’ve planted spring bulbs and some that will flower in early summer too. I had incorporated lots of homemade compost too. Get everything off to good start.

Before and after the Hebe cut back

2) Spring flowering bulbs. Well for me there’s a lot and it’s not going to be enough, it will have to be as planting space is at premium. Lots to go in pots though, especially the Tulips.

3) New tools. I received these items a week or so ago. I got them for nothing. It’s kneeler, yes handy for those moments that you don’t want to end up with a wet knee kneeling on wet grass. And the trowel I’ve got quite a few trowels but one more doesn’t matter – it was a freebie no trouble.

4) Hellebores, new. These’s arrived in brown a box the other day. Really don’t know how they could have been left. Okay my name and address was on the box and there was an invoice inside, so I guess I must have ordered them…. Looking forward to these beauties. Hope they flower next year, early next year. The way they’ve been packed is amazing I’ve not seen packing like this for plants ever.

Harvington Hellebores Double

5) A morning walking in Wollaton Park, Nottingham and I came across an old friend. This Acer. Spectacular…… This was on my cycle route to work some years back. First time I’ve seen it for some years especially this time of year.

Super Acer

6) Spirea Bridalwreath. The last time I noticed this really was when it was in full bloom with its wreaths of white flowers. Now it has tinged leaves which I’ve not noticed in past times but maybe it’s just one those occasions there’s red, orange, and yellow colouring. Autumn colouring is certainly here.

Spirea Bridalwreath

This has been great being back into showing off what I’ve been up to in the garden over the last year, it was only in January that I began the Six on Saturday blog though. I’ve plans ahead for the year to come, my todo list is crazily long and could take a few years yet to achieve. I will be here reading those many blogs around the world just as always, though. Of course as always our host of six on Saturday is Jon The Propagator. To all, happy gardening and whatever you do keep safe and well. Until next weeks #SixonSaturday, all the best. ( May pop in with the odd daily post, too).