The weather is treating us somewhat kindly, though there’s no rain forecast now for a while. We will be having our usual mini-heatwave from Sunday with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday being in the mid twenties degrees C.
I’ve managed a bit more tidying of the garden and weeding. The lawn mowed on Friday, that makes for a better look in the garden. Spring bulbs are arriving with more on the way. I’ll update later on about these when they’ve all arrived. So, onto the Six on Saturday.

1) Nerine. How I’ve been looking forward to seeing this flower. Two spikes from two plants have sprouted up and I expect they will bloom this coming week.

Nerine about to break into bloom.

2) Pansy.


3) Heuchera Rio. This plant has been quite poorly this year so, I’ve put it into quarantine and it’s becoming better with new leaves. It will remain here until I’m happy with better looking plant. It will certainly take a lot to get back to last years glorious look.

Heuchera Rio

4) Calendula Lemon Cream. These have been doing so well and if the weather holds out I’m hoping for autumn flowers but, it’s quite likely there won’t be any until spring early summer next year.


5) Buddlejia Purple Chip. These are a couple of cuttings I took last year which seem to be rather prostrate in habit. I’ll need to keep an eye on these so they have a more upright state otherwise they will look to be more ground cover.

Buddlejia Purple Chip. Young plants.

6) Cotoneaster and Plumbago. I’ve included this here because it looks so colourful in the morning sunshine. The green of the leaves and red berries of the cotoneaster then the blue from the plumbago or leadwort along with its reddening leaves.

There we are another Six on Saturday. It’s a very big thank you to the one and only Jon The Propagator for his amazing idea it was to create Six on Saturday. Each week it brings more and more Six on Saturday blogs. If you want to know how to go about it all then take a look at this blog Six on Saturday – a participant guide. Like that of recent weeks I’ll try to pop in a daily posting or as entitle them Post of the Day. Until next week, enjoy the weather and keep safe also enjoy whatever you do.