The autumn look…….

September and all that entails for the month. May that be warm or cold or wet or all, on the same day of course. Last year, in September, was warm to start then came the rain, which didn’t seem to stop until Spring this year. Who knows what we are in for weather wise the coming seasons. It’s going to be tidying up for the garden, yet again though. So too it, let’s do Six on Saturday.
It rained as I was writing this Six on Saturday but not for long, having had a glorious start to the day though windy and cold.

1) Forsythia. This may be early to be showing the state of our Forsythia. However, I’ve done it to indicate that it’s still green leaved at present. Will be seeing a big change in leaf colour over the coming months followed by many leaves dropping to the ground and blown around. It’s due a cutting back to make for a more shapely bush but waiting until I’ve the time.


2) Pansy disaster. This hanging basket of winter pansies was ordered a while ago though not by me. What a terrible state to find them in when opened the parcel yesterday not long after the delivery. It was a big disappointment to both of us to find such a mess. Any way, a missive with this picture went to J. Parker’s and await the reply!

Pansy disaster

3) Compost. Here’s the compost ready for the pots of spring bulbs. This time I’ve bought a multi purpose compost with John Innes mixed. Used to use only John Innes compost at one time in my early years of gardening then along came peat compost. Of course for many years we’ve been getting away from using peat based compost. The alternatives have been somewhat disappointing to say the least. Looking forward to though. More on this when able to report back.


4) Hydrangea Vanille Fraise. Continuing to change colour to the point it has almost gone over. It has put on a splendid display and will continue to do so for some weeks yet.

Hydrangea Vanille Fraise

5) Nerine. Hurrah 😀 two spikes of buds and they’re the first time flowering since planting them about four years ago. They’ve put out loads of leaves over the years but no flowers until this week. Almost seems they just shot up very suddenly, one moment no bugs note there is.


6) Rosa. I know I keep including this pink Rose but it has to be with another look as it continues to give out lots of blooms this year. It has a light scent too.


There we are another Six on Saturday. It’s a very big thank you to the one and only Jon The Propagator for his amazing idea it was to create Six on Saturday. Each week it brings more and more Six on Saturday blogs. If you want to know how to go about it all then take a look at this blog Six on Saturday – a participant guide. Like that of recent weeks I’ll try to pop in a daily posting or as entitle them Post of the Day. Until next week, enjoy the weather and keep safe also enjoy whatever you do.