A mixed bag of updates …….

An odd mix of a week weather wise except for Friday which has been super warm again with quite a lot of sunshine. Thunderstorms for next week! Watering has been the order of the day and night especially the pots of plants. Friday is also feed day which I mostly use liquid tomato food.

1) Buddleia Purple Chip. Just beginning to bloom and I think earlier than in previous years. Bees and butterflies really like it. It’s from a range of dwarf growing habit Buddleia so may look to getting two others in the range at some stage. Although, I have been doing some “cheque book gardening” as we’ve bought three Buddleia of the same variety, more on that in the coming weeks.

Buddleia,Purple Chip

2) Plumbago or Leadwort. This stunning blue flower is amazing and a favourite colour too. I think it’s a little early flowering too, this is the only stem flowering at the moment. Look forward to many more.

Plumbago, Leadwort

3) Olive. This is quite exciting as I can see many possible olives to come to full fruit.

Olive with growing olives😀

4) Allium. Getting a few of these flowers through from time to time. Welcome bit of colour and the petals are rather paper like to the touch.

Allium (Chives) Flower

5) Tomato Marmande. Hurrah a tomato is growing. Will we get to a full size tomato and ripe too. Just have to wait and see.

Tomato Marmande

6) Hydrangea Vanille Fraise. The colour change is continuing to give a wonderful display from this

Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise

That’s my Six on Saturday for this week. It’s a very big thank you to the one and only Jon The Propagator for his amazing idea it was to create Six on Saturday. Each week it brings more and more Six on Saturday blogs. If you want to know how to go about it all then take a look at this blog Six on Saturday – a participant guide. Until next week keep safe but enjoy whatever you do. Also, hoping the storms don’t batter all you gardeners wonderful gardens.