The New Month….

It’s unbelievable that we’re in the eighth month, how time flies by. My failures of growing from seed has been abysmal this year (spider mites the culprit) and I didn’t even bother to try sowing seeds again. However, this year has been exceptionally busy around other important matters hence, the lack of interest. There are new plants coming in preparation for this autumn and spring next year. Any way, let’s get on with the Six on Saturday.

1) Hydrangea Vanille Fraise, has begun its colour change from the starting point of white. It’s going to be amazing the colour range through to a very dark red in the autumn. I’m considering planting this from its pot to the garden though not sure if the soil alkalinity will be okay, so need to check this at some time.

Hydrangea Vanille Fraise

2) Agapanthus Lavender Haze, is putting on a super show with nearly all the the six stems in bloom at the same time, they’ll give a long display for sometime too.

3) Clematis Zara, many more flowers from this super clematis. Yet to find a pot to put this wonderfully showy clematis in.


4) Mystery tomato featured in last week’s Six on Saturday is not fasciation after all. Found out on Sunday the variety is Marmande and the flowers do resemble what I thought might be fasciation of the flowers. Therefore, the moral of the story is not to jump to conclusions! Lesson learnt, I think 🤔 Recent photo below. Not sure I’ll get any tomatoes that will be ripen unless we have have good weather.

Tomato Marmande

5) Buddlejia White, if only I could remember its name. It is so showy with the bright white flowers.


6) Variegated Ivy, provides a bright spot of colour and light on the situation on the corner of the greenhouse. This ivy never fails to impress all year round.

Variegated Ivy

That’s my Six on Saturday for this week. It’s a very big thank you to the one and only Jon The Propagator for his amazing idea it was to create Six on Saturday. Each week it brings more and more Six on Saturday blogs. If you want to know how to go about it all then take a look at this blog Six on Saturday – a participant guide. Until next week keep safe but enjoy whatever you do.