New beginnings…

So it is into another week of mixed bag weather such a shame that we get a little sunshine and quite windy especially Sunday. A wet week right into Friday but somewhat sunnier and more sun to come and less rain. Should be warmer by day than of late but cool nights.

So onto the topic of the week, Six on Saturday. Mostly new things bursting into bloom even though there’s little sunshine to show off the blooms at the best.

1) Hydrangea Vanille Fraise. With this hydrangea it begins with off white (vanilla) then as the weeks roll by the flowers turn through shades of pink to red (strawberry). This is its second year and is in a pot out on the front of of the house. This photo shows one of the twelve (plus one more possibly).

Hydrangea Vanille Fraise

2) Erysimum. This plant, wallflower, amazes me with its ever changing colours. this one starts out yellow then turns to a lilac.


3) Buddlejia. This is the start of the buddlejia season. There’s a wealth of these around and more for planting in pots too. This superb long conical plume of tiny flowers is putting a show on even though it is raining.


4) Agapanthus, Lavender Haze. Now in its third year but only its second year of flowering. This is one of its six flower spikes for this sun loving African Lily. Last year it produced six, too. I’ve kept it in the same pot so I might be doing something right and its sat against a south facing wall at the front of the house.

Agapanthus Lavender Haze

5) Acer Palmatum. New red leaves on this acer is unusual, very welcome though. As you can see in the far right picture the aged leaves are deep red almost a brown., such a contrast with the newer leaves. Hoping for more branches from this growth spurt too.

6) Hebe and long view of rear garden. This was taken at the beginning of the week before the rain came and also had the chance to mow the lawn. Since the rain, however, the Hebe is well and truly sodden and is pushing even more onto the lawn.

Hebe and long view of rear garden.

That’s my Six on Saturday for this week. It’s a big thank you to the one and only Jon The Propagator for his stupendous idea it was to create Six on Saturday. Each week it brings more and more Six on Saturday blogs. If you want to know how to go about it all then take a look at this blog Six on Saturday – a participant guide. Until next week keep safe but enjoy whatever you do.