A Closer view

So it’s the start of July, sadly the weather’s not been too great. But hey things are changing in the world some for the worst some for the better. You can go and get your haircut, you can go have a pint so you could probably do lots of things that you couldn’t do since March. However, it comes with a warning as Covid–19 is still with us and it’s not going to go away.
Well, it’s a good job we still have a little bit of gardening in us yet. I’ve got things to plant, I’ve got some new compost I’ve got seedlings coming through planted a few weeks ago. So, all is going well in the garden. Even better the Spring Bulbs have been ordered! Oh, and the garden tidying is still going on.
Let’s get on with Six on Saturday. Something a bit different this week from number two.

1) Rosa Pink. This is a gem of a Rose. It can suffer quite a lot during wet windy weather. I’m glad to say it’s produced quite a few of these nice blooms and it’s got a light scent.

Pink Rosa

2) Valerian Pink Flower. This is a somewhat different as will be the next few images. They’ve all been taken in macro style photography.
The actual head of this flower is made up of many small flowers of one you can actually see in this image. So I’ll give it a go might not be your bag but something different and give you an idea of life on the small-scale brought into a grander view.

Pink Valerian

3) Olive flower. This one was a struggle to take as there’s so many tiny flowers it was difficult to get focus. In this detail it’s impossible to know what kind of flower this is.

Olive flower

4) Flower of the Petunia family (Million Bells). This is like the small flower is lit up inside. The whole flower is only about 2cm across.

Flower of the Petunia family.

5) Geranium. Cranesbill. A small delicate pink flower. A little larger than the flower million bells above. Again it took a little bit of time to get this just right and show some detail of the small flower.

Geranium. Cranesbill

6) Sempervivum. This little chap well yeah it’s very very small. It shows up it’s s tiny hairs in quite good detail. Otherwise not easily seen.


Okay that’s my six on Saturday. Somewhat different as I said earlier need a change sometimes. Also, gave me an excuse to show off my early skills at macro photography.
Keep safe people. Hope you have a lots of fun. Keep on gardening. I look forward to all the other Six on Saturday blogs. Very big thank you to Jon The Propagator who inspired many of us to enter the foray of Six on Saturday. Oh give it a go, perhaps you have your own Six on Saturday. So until next week.