This the last week of June but for a few days. Into summer, we’ve had a week of very nice warm weather perhaps a little bit too warm for some and it’s been hard slog working in the garden.
I’ve made some headway of clearing out the over grown areas. Mostly the shrubs that have been adorned by bindweed! There’s been some collateral damage! Now it’s a matter of taming the shrubs and deciding what to plant in the bare earth that has been cleared.
I’ve got some ideas for planting but a little more work done on the clearing will be needed before planting. More over perhaps a little planning will be needed too.
Now to the reason why we are here – it’s time for Six on Saturday…..,

1) Hebe. This monster shrub was covered with the aforementioned bindweed, okay there’s still some lurking and could come back easily, as the next door garden border is covered in it so that’s where it all started from. Back to the Hebe which has been full of those conical blooms sort of lilac in colour. I’ve sat opposite this shrub having my breakfast or lunch and hearing the buzz of many bees with the odd butterfly making a fleeting visit. Like I said last week, this gene is needed of a trim. Soon as those flowers are done with then I’ll be out with the shared and secateurs. No doubt there’s going to be more bare earth showing afterwards!


2) A member of the Petunia family. I’ve been nursing this hanging basket from last year which has a large Helichrysum growing very well too. Then up popped one of two plants also from last year. This is one of the two plants. This one has more striking flowers that stand out well and will again provide lots of colour against the grey-green of the Helichrysum.

A member of the Petunia family.

3) Pelargonium. The second of the plants giving it a second year flowering for this hanging basket. Overall a bonus and any gaps I can fill with similar plants I’ve got popping up in old hanging baskets. It’s good job really as there would be no hanging basket for the front of the house. This pandemic has stymied me so much but at the same time something has come through to make things good.


4) Tomato plants. Variety unknown. These where kindly given to me by a friend. I’ve not grown tomatoes in years so this is my challenge to keep them growing. Of course with the main aim to have a great crop of juicy toms. Not sure yet whether to grow them outside or in the greenhouse?

Tomato plants

5) Olive shrub. Since last Six on Saturday the olive buds have blossomed probably because of the amazing weather. It’sa mass of flowers though still some to break out. Wonder how many olives there will be this year? Also in this photo are a hover fly and a spider. Can you spot them.

Olive shrub

6) Lonicera Nitida. I remember when this was just a small plant, here it is some ten or so years later a rather large shrub. I’ve not included the whole shrub as there’s on going work. I suppose it should have a triangular sign nearby with ‘Gardener Working’. This shrub can be grown into a hedge apparently and shaped. It’s small leaves cover the branches making for a dense evergreen foliage shrub. Now it’s been relieved of the unwanted bindweed this will show off its reactive foil to the border.

Lonicera Nitida

That’s it, another Six on Saturday from me. Of course thanks goes to our ever genial host Jon The Propagator. Pop over to the his blog posting for many an insight to his amazing garden and lots of plants of so many types. Till next week, when there will be another Six on Saturday. Keep safe at all times and happy gardening to one and all. Thanks to all who pop by to take a look at my blog.