Apologies for the lack of interesting content but I’m in a situation that requires me to be attending to more important matters. This means there’s likely to be no content at all as I’ve little or no time for gardening.

1) For my first Six on Saturday, on the 6th of the month, I’ve got six Clematis Piilu blooms. There are many more of course but, couldn’t pass up the opportunity with this first of my six.

Clematis Piilu
One from over the garden wall looking at next doors Yukkas.
Helychrisum. From last year hanging basket. It survived the wettest of weather over autumn and winter.
A self set Foxglove. Used to have loads at one tine but hoping this can provide more for the future.
Ash tree. May be doomed to be felled one day it’s in the wrong place as it’s too near the boundary.
Fuchsia that also lasted through the wettest period of the year.

Until next week that’s my Six on Saturday, this is me signing off for the week, although I may pop up in Twitter from time to time. Thanks to the all great and mighty host that is The Propagator. There’s many insights of gardening and gardening related postings to see on his blog with links to many other Six on Saturdays.
Hopefully, back next week with more Six on Saturday. Have a great week and be safe at all times 🙂