Hi there to one and all Six on Saturday writers. Hoping you’ve been keeping well and safe. Also, not much damage endured by the high winds on Friday. Not a great deal of gardening this last week or so. Sorry, another quick blog for this weeks Six on Saturday. So, here it follows.

1) Rose. A salmon rose that’s looking good but I thought the shadow is a great view as if showing the rose still in bud.

Salmon Rose
Rose Salmon

2) Clematis Carnaby. This has flowered each year for nearly fifteen years. It usually has paler edges to the petals. Sadly, I damaged a stem that carried many more buds whilst clearing the area a few weeks ago. So, unless there’s another show from the young shoot at the base of this plant we’re not going to see more blooms. Oh well, let’s see.

Clematis Carnaby

3) Antirrhinum Lemon. This unexpected flower is very welcome at the base of the Buddlejia In a large pot with the Erysimum in the background.


4) Alliums (Chives) in full bloom.

Alliums (Chives) in full bloom

5) A recent photo of a pond nearby where I live. So peaceful.

Martin’s Pond

6) The last Daffodil. Amazing how this tiny flower continued to flower for several weeks.

Daffodil, the final bloom.

Until next week that’s my Six on Saturday, this is me signing off for the week, although I may pop up in Twitter from time to time. Thanks to the all great and mighty host that is The Propagator. There’s many insights of gardening and gardening related postings to see on his blog with links to many other Six on Saturdays.
Back next week with more Gardening Six on Saturday. Have a great weekend and be safe at all times 🙂