This is going to be a quick pick for my Six on Saturday. Due to my partner illness, not Covid related, I’ve otherwise been busy taking on many other roles. So, here goes my Six on Saturday.

1) Clematis Piilu. The favourite of mine always.

2) Alliums. Okay they’re Chives but they have great small flowers.

3) Hosta. Superb yellow fringed with green. Oh and there’s the green spires of Chives that have hopped over from the original pot some years ago.

4) Hosta White Feather. It’s in the blue pot in case you can’t see it as this area is newly cleared of debris from a dead Buddlejia Weyeriana, nettles and the ever growing Winter Jasmine. This has revealed the Clematis Carnaby which I’ll be looking forward to.

5) Rose. Unknown name.

6) Formosan Pieris. I’ve removed the Winter Jasmine that was hiding this Pieris from showing off most of this very deep red leaved shrub. Well worth the effort.

Until next week that’s my Six on Saturday, this is me signing off for the week, although I may pop up in Twitter from time to time. Thanks to the all great and mighty host that is The Propagator. There’s many insights of gardening and gardening related postings to see on his blog with links to many other Six on Saturdays.
Back next week with more Gardening Six on Saturday. Have a great weekend and be safe at all times 🙂