We had two reasons to celebrate this week. Firstly, NHS and key workers around the country, who are working hard for those in dire situation of suffering COVID-19. Secondly, VE Day being the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. It was a street celebration on Friday afternoon, with a difference, social distancing being observed. A fun time had by all, nonetheless. Hoping you had a great day too. The weather has been kind again too, though not so much for the weekend.

So, it’s on to this weeks Six on Saturday. I’ve a different view on this in that its showing off the view of verdant walk though the woods by ponds not ten minutes from where I live. Also, nearby the building site that was once all allotments but is now mostly housing along with new modern allotments. We once had an allotment on this site before it was taken over.

These pictures show some of what I saw on the walk I had on two days this week, with nature in a different setting.

1) Harrisons Plantation. A wooden bridge over a small stream. Lots of greenery along with wild garlic,

2) Harrison’s Plantation, with a few Blue Bells and lots of green and of course more wild garlic.

3) Again the Wild Garlic in abundance here.

4) Part of the small stream that runs through this wooded area.

5) Rhododendrons, the common pink form in the wild.

6) Canada Goose and it’s six goslings at Martin’s Pond. Surprisingly, the Goose and its mate did not attack me.

That’s my six for this week, sorry its a departure from my garden but there will be more from the garden next week.
It just remains for me to thank our host and creator of the Six on Saturday The Propagator. There’s many insights of gardening and gardening related postings to see on his blog with links to many other Six on Saturdays.
Back next week with more Gardening Six on Saturday. Have a great weekend and be safe at all times 🙂