I can report this last week has been quite a busy time for me in the garden. I have shredded more branches of various shrubs which in turn gives some mulch material. Lawn (well I call it lawn in loosest possible way) has been mowed. Those ant hills still needing attention and flattening for good as they’re an eyesore and difficult to mow over. Tidied the concrete path nearly to full length of the garden. Started de-weeding some pots of Roses and Hostas. Well, lets get on with this weeks Six on Saturday.

1) A Rose bud, one of a few on this magnificent plant that’s over six foot high (2 metres) that rings a bell. It’s of unknown variety but is looking like it will do well again like last year.

A Rose Bud

2) A Pink Geranium sanguineum begins to come into bloom, this extends for about 6ft or so (2m), there it is again that familiar figure, across the bottom end of the lawn. I’ll show you next time more of it when it’s flowering more and you’ll get a better picture from description here.

Geranium sanguineum

3) Allium (Chives) these have seeded into a crack in the concrete path alongside the garage. For several years we saw these grow happily in a pot but have now sprung up in a couple of places. I know that the flowers look amazing and can’t wait to see them in all their glory.

Allium (Chives)

4) Honeysuckle has wandered out from the fence and the holly to show off its grey-green foliage and masses of buds too. Quite a bonus as its supposed to be trained against the fence, but plants have their own way of life, too.


5) Hydrangea Vanille Fraise a strawberry candytuft of colour. The blooms change hue from almost white to red as the seasons change. Quite stunning and this is its second season so the reason such a small shrub. So, more of this to be seen over the coming months once its in bloom.

Hydrangea Vanille Fraise

6) An here’s the beast that chews up branches into little pieces. It can go through a branch up to 1.5in (37mm) in diameter. Just plug it in and away you go, easy. It feeds on branches and most other plant parts that are not wanted. Though have to watch not to feed too much fleshy/leafy stuff.

Garden Shredder

There ends another Six on Saturday of what is still difficult times for us all. Keep safe and we will get through this testing time. Many thanks to the host of Six on Saturday The Propagator, there’s a whole lot more Six on Saturdays to peruse. Another Six on Saturday from me next week.