A late entry for this weeks Six on Saturday due to recent personal events. So a little bit hurried, apologies.

So, the weather’s been like summer throughout the week. Unseasonal for this time of year. By the sounds of noises around the about there’s a lot of gardening going on, no doubt in some cases because there’s something different to do. I’ve a ton of garden chores to do and sometimes I’m not sure where to start. Well, I’ve got on with a few things here and there and the garden is looking a little tidier though, there’s now not much colour. I was hoping to get some more summer bulbs and plants but, the lockdown has stopped all of that, even for online ordering. So to Six on Saturday for the last time this month. Where have those months gone.

1) Now if only I could remember what this shrub is called? Update with the name from Hortus Baileyana. Who suggests Choisya ternata (Mexican orange blossom). Well, it certainly is a Choisya, I remember it well.

It has really pushed its way through the Spirea which has now gone over and is in need of a trim. Though it’s white flowers again as was the Spirea.


2) This Linaria or Lunaria or something else has been flowering, for the third year, throughout the winter, but is even more abundant with blooms.

3) Pansy bright and Orange amazing colour.

4) Hosta White Feather doing splendidly just have to keep this in the shade to maintain the white as much as possible.

5) Clematis Guernsey Cream. When I saw this I knew I had to have this variety. Guernsey in the Channel Islands UK is a favourite holiday island. And this Clematis, Guernsey Cream, lives up to its name in colour.

6) Red Acer Palmatum looking splendid in the April sunshine.

There ends another Six on Saturday of what is still difficult times for us all. Keep safe and we will get through this testing time. Many thanks to the host of Six on Saturday The Propagator, there’s a whole lot more Six on Saturdays to peruse. Another Six on Saturday on what will be the second day of May.