The week has been a busy time without the garden also needing attention. In fact, the gardens always need attention. However, I decided to get to grips with some clearance of overgrown areas of the garden at the rear. This has given me the chance to put the electric garden shredder into action, it’s been a absolute boon as the plant material has been reduced to small pieces that can be used as mulch. The machine was bought about ten years a go but doesn’t get much use, it of course worked fine, like new. Sadly, the one shrub that suffered was the Buddlejia Weyeriana which

must have succumbed due to the very wet weather over last autumn and winter. So, I’m likely to have a space to fill when I’ve completed the tidy up. It’s a shaded area facing east against a brick wall and wooden fence. I didn’t take any photos on this day, so I guess I was fully engrossed in what I was doing and enjoying it too.
Watering the plant pots has been the priority this week, sometimes twice a day. It’s been like it’s summer.
So, onto the weeks Six on Saturday, which is slightly different as most of these are what I call “over the fence“ origins.

1) Clematis, Piilu, a favourite clematis of mine, has produced two flower buds. This is early for this particular clematis, which is doing very well in its south facing position in a pot. It will soon be more than half way up the trellis at it’s rate of growth. I’ve not even fed it a yet. I’ve been watering regularly to keep up with the sun baring down and drying out the compost. So, I’ve high hopes again this year for this to produce lots of flowers. They are supposed to be double or semi-double flowers but I’ve not seen many over the years just singles. I look forward to the vast amount of blooms later on.

Clematis Piilu

2) Phlox, a rockery plant that’s started to bloom giving these pure white flowers. It’s quite a spreader and covers some of the slabs surrounding the centre island that has the Forsythia growing in it. Have to be careful not to sweep it up with the dead leaves from the Forsythia. I’m sure there was another similar phlox in this island bed but there’s no sign of it so I guess it succumbed either to leaves being left on it or I’ve gone raked it out.


3) Chaenomeles speciosa or flowering quince. Used to have one of these shrubs until one year it was killed off by severe cold weather.

Three from the rockery.
4) I believe this to be Anemone nemorosa or Wood anemone. One that I shall be looking out for soon to add to our garden.

5) Iberis sempervirens or Evergreen Candytuft. Splendid in a rockery.

6) Aurinia saxatilis. Super gold colour that brightens the rockery.

Aurinia saxatilis.

There ends another Six on Saturday of what is still difficult times for us all. Keep safe and we will get through this testing time. Many thanks to the host of Six on Saturday The Propagator, there’s a whole lot more Six on Saturdays to peruse.