I didn’t expect to be publishing a Six on Saturday this week as there didn’t seem much to report. I was wrong, there’s lots going on this includes a large hedgehog spotted while dealing with compost bin. See pic here Sleeping Hedgehog. My seedlings are are romping away and hope to sow more this coming week. So plenty to do.

Lock down has been tough but it’s going to be especially difficult as Easter is going to be so very different for families, being a time to get together. Best wishes to all this holiday time. So, without further a do here’s my Six on Saturday.

1) Here’s another of what I should be calling ‘over the fence’ views. Every year we get to see this wonderful sight. Aubrietia and Pieris are a wonderful vibrant colours. It’s directly opposite the house across the road. How lucky this is for all to see and admire, too.

Wall of Aubrietia

2) Tulipa Angelique in their early stage of flowering on what is a very nice almost summer like day. There’s more to come from these beauties in the weeks ahead. Fifteen bulbs planted and fifteen flowered.

Tulipa Angelique with Acer Orange Dream

3) Close-up off a Wallflower. A common Wallflower at that but most welcome in spring and this one keeps coming back each year so that’s a bonus.

4) Hellebore. This is the one I keep threaten to dig out. Mainly because it’s boring. Green leaves and green flowers! Well, it’s still here and may be it will be on its way out when a pernicious weed, (see number 6), is dug out that it will end up on the scrap heap. Then there will be room for more plants that deserve the ground it take up.

Hellebore a green one.

5) Again it’s Tulips. Must trim that Forsythia so these beauties have a better chance of being viewed.

Red Tulips and Muscari

6) Alkanet. Had to look this one up. For my final item of the week it’s this rather invasive plant. It’s been cut back time and time again but refuses to go away. When it’s in it’s early stages of growth it’s not so bad but it’s become a bit of a nuisance. As it’s growing around one part of the greenhouse it’s starting to invade the inside the of said structure. This is not on, its got to go, the weed that is. Looks like some considerable digging needed as there’s long tap roots to contend with.

Pernicious weed Alkanet

That’s the end of the Six on Saturday for this week see you next time for another Six. There’s many more Six on Saturday to see so head over to the originator of the Six on Saturday The Propagator.