Okay it’s April and all is growing well in the gardens. There are Magnolias, Ribes, Aubrietia, Forsythia, Berberis and Pieris blooming up and down the gardens I see from the limited view on our road, and on my short trips out. Trips out of the house have been few and far between of late. Don’t get to do the supermarket shop (grocery shop is kindly delivered) or visit family and friends. Neighbours are rarely seen. Traffic has reduced dramatically. But we do get to see birds freely going about their business and I’m sure I saw Sparrow Hawk perched at the top of the Silver Birch the other day. Peace and tranquility has been forced upon us. So there’s all the more time to watch the antics of the birds from time to time. Also, the weather’s been kind as it’s been much drier.

1) To start off the weeks Six on Saturday this is one of my favourites. Forsythia, Muscari and Tulips in bud. The Tulips will be two colours, I think, yellow and red, we’ll see soon.

2) Here’s the Heuchera Rio from last year. I’ve been so lazy it’s still in its pot. But, Heuchera Rio starting out the Spring with great colour and those tiny cream coloured flowers that seem so insignificant yet add something to the plants distinction especially, continuing the red theme with those stems holding the small flowers.

3) Flowering Cherry at sunrise made the flowers more pink than the subtle pink that they are. It was an amazing sunrise that all around was shades of pink for a short while.

4) Magnolia. This one is not in the garden but next door’s garden. I just had to include it as the neighbours get to appreciate th as the owner does. This magnolia has stood through several severe lopping events and, one such event was when it was in full bloom! I know it’s unthinkable. It was even a danger to anything or anyone.

5) Acer Orange Dream with its newly unfurled leaves. Beginning to look spectacular already and to think there was little to show last week.

6) Hosta White Feather new growth. Now to protect from those slippery predators.

Yet another Six on Saturday is completed, finally. It’s been a challenge to get a saved part that was what I wanted. Many thanks to The Propagator for showing us the way on Six on Saturday, hop over to his blog for his insightful gardening news and other gardeners with their Six on Saturday. I’ll be back for another helping of Six on Saturday next week. Stay tuned for further updates and snippets during the week.