Gosh it’s four weeks gone by of another month. There’s been an amazing amount of new growth. With the weather being so wonderful to us, especially timely in this difficult period of the World being constrained, it’s been great to get into the garden. I’ve finally been able to cut the lawn. It looks a bit dry now but with a little rain it will be okay. During mowing it was apparent there are a few mounds to deal with, ants are to blame. The ants, black and red, have moved in in various spots throughout the lawn and it’s difficult to keep them at bay.

1) I’ve a few Spanish Flag (Ipomoea lobata) seedlings, well their quite big now needing support canes. So they are to get their own pots soon. Really looking forward to seeing these grow through the summer as the Propagator has grown these last year with great success.

Spanish Flag (Ipomoea lobata)

2) The Cosmos Allsorts Mixed that have been growing are somewhat spindly. Hope I can rescue them. If not I’ll sow the rest of the seeds as there’s plenty of time for a good show from these.

Cosmos Allsorts Mixed

3) The Parsley and Basil are slowly developing.

Parsley and Basil

4) Clematis Piilu has thrown up some amazing amount of growth, I look forward to another great summer show of flowers.

Clematis Piilu

5) Tulip Angelique have come along amazingly well. Looking forward to the showy blooms soon. There’s already a showing of colour on one of the buds.

Tulipa Angelique

6) Spirea Bridal Wreath Goes from strength to strength in its display of white almost waterfall effect.

Spirea Bridal Wreath

Yet another Six on Saturday is completed. Many thanks to The Propagator for showing us the way on Six on Saturday, hop over to his blog for his insightful gardening news and other gardeners with their Six on Saturday. All the best to everyone. Keep well and virus free.
I’ll be here with another SoS next week.