Well, here we are again, in this time of difficulty for all through out the world. I wish you all the very best in getting through the battle with this virus.
I’m hoping that I’ll get some more tidying up done in the garden and I’ve lots of seedlings to transplant, too. Here’s another Six on Saturday from me.

1) This Camellia has decided it wanted to be on our side of the fence. It has lots of buds yet to burst into bloom and is a sizeable bush. Nonetheless, it’s courtesy of the neighbour’s fantastic camellia bush.


2) Flowering Cherry looking splendid against the blue sky. Below that is one flower from this tree I picked up off the lawn.

Flowering Cherry

3) The one orange Pansy that’s braving the cold wind.


4) Rose Irish Eyes with plenty of fresh growth. This rose has small orange to red flowers.

Rosa Irish Eyes fresh green growth

5) So pleased I found the label for this rose I’ve not been able put a name to it until today. The label had become stuck in the compost. Rosa Happy Birthday with it’s fresh new growth.

Rosa Happy Birthday. With new growth.


Spirea Bridal Wreath

Well, another Six on Saturday is done. Cheers to The Propagator for showing us the way on Six on Saturday, hop over to his blog for his insightful gardening news and other gardeners with their Six on Saturday. Happy gardening. I’ll be here with another SoS next week.