How the garden grows so fast. It’s showing great promise of a wonderful spring show. The lawn is in need of a trim and edging. The Hebe definitely needs cutting back and the Olive bush needs some attention as the wind has given it it a leaning habit. The lists go on and on……

1) Start off this weeks Six on Saturday with Spirea Bridal Wreath. It’s a stunning shrub with racemes of small white flowers. I’m looking forward to this shrub being in full bloom very soon. It’s already bursting to open it’s tiny flower buds. There are thousands of them in what is a large plant and will be a spectacle to see in the next week or so.

2) These

3) This Helichrysum is really standing the test of winter. There’s away to go yet with the weather bombarding us with rain and wind so far. I hope to bring it back to a hanging basket refreshed with summer colour.

4) The Forsythia is really giving its all. Though after Thursday’s strong gusts of wind I’m surprised it’s got any flowers left.


5) Flowering Cherry tree is splendid as ever and it’s held on to the blooms through the blast of high gusts of wind. I tried photographing this very tall tree but it wasn’t up to too much visually due to the poor lighting. This shot was from the one branch that is horizontal and was easy to reach.

Flowering Cherry Tree

6) Hyacinth which looks like Bluebell, it was my first thought when I spotted this while tending the tall rose nearby. So, I remember some years a go planting out a pot of Christmas flowering Hyacinths that have now turned out to grow less Hyacinth like and more like another family plant member the Blue bell. It’s very highly scented too. The blue is intense.


Well, another Six on Saturday is done. Cheers to The Propagator for showing us the way on Six on Saturday, hop over to his blog for his insightful and witty gardening news. Happy gardening. I’ll be here with another SoS next week.