I’ve started to plant seeds of some flowers as March is now upon us. I’ve begun document them as I sow them each day. I have put these on a separate page which can be accessed from the drop down at the top of this blog.
It’s that time again, another seven days elapsed it’s a new month of Six on Saturday. Here’s the first for March 2020.

1) The Forsythia has begun its long period of flowering and this capture proved to be a stunning sight due to the sunny day and bright blue sky. Yellow and blue go together so well. There’s to be blue below when the Muscari come into flower later in the spring, usually a few weeks away but not so sure there’s any sign yet of the Muscari except for leaves.


2) The Tete et Tete and the species crocus worked well in this low planter and placed just in front of the Erysimum.

Daffodils and Crocus with Erysimum in the background

3) This has to be the most wonderful find in the garden to date. By this I mean it is such a brilliant flower in such prickly leaves. It has just begun its long flowering, I hope, period. It’s a favourite of mine and the birds enjoy the blue-black berries later on too. Berberis Darwinii makes for a large bush but I’ve managed to keep this in check somewhat.

Berberis Darwinii

4) Daffodil all alone this year so time for a digging up and replanting. Note the hole, suspect slug or snail.

Daffodil with tell tale hole from a slug/snail damage

5) Phygelius and there’s lots of this growing since I cleared an area of the border last year, it’s really taken over. Will have to contain it so it doesn’t spread too much but it’s a welcome sight to cover this part of the border. Ground Elder has been a troublesome pernicious weed so the Phygelius will go some way protecting the area from the weeds. It’s likely to look fantastic with the yellow flowers later on in the summer.


6) Clematis Piilu has been showing signs of life for a week or so and here’s two of the many shots from what really looks like a dead twig. Could be another good year for flowering.

Clematis Piilu

There we go, another Six on Saturday. Hope you all get plenty of gardening done whatever the weather. Cheers to The Propagator for showing us the way on Six on Saturday, hop over to his blog for his insightful gardening news. Also, hoping you and your family keep healthy during these trying times. I’ll be here with another SoS next week.