Okay it’s the last Saturday of the month, and there’s been a noticeable change in the garden, plants are beginning to show new growth and there’s plenty of trees in bloom, mainly from prunus species. So, to my Six on Saturday for this last time in February 2020.

1) To start off here’s the Plum tree in its splendour which, was only photographed earlier this week on a rare blue sky day. I had noticed last week that there were some flowers on a large branch to one side, the side nearest east so it was known that the main tree would soon follow and this is the result.

2) Here’s the magnificent silver birch tree, Betula Snow Queen, which had to be photographed on such a great day. It’s the white bark that makes this stand out so brilliantly against such a blue sky.

3) This shows a first, at least for sometime, Parsley seedlings just germinated. Has been meaning to give them a go and see if I can get something better than the awful offerings from the supermarkets. This is the variety Moss Curled.

4) I’ve also had to have some Italian Basil so they’re also germinated and well on the way, a few days ahead of the parsley. The basil I grew last year and had a brilliant result, very tasty. Worth the effort these two herbs.

5) This Geranium, Appleblossom Double, is in need of some attention. There are two plants here that have become less than uniform in habit. Hoping to get several cuttings to achieve more plants and better looking specimens too. I’ll let you know how things develop.

6) Back in the autumn I took several Buddlejia cuttings from the one growing outside the front in a pot called Purple Chip. These are the result of tweet being the success though one has developed a odd habit of growing at ninety degrees.

There we go another Six on Saturday. Hope you all get plenty of gardening done whatever the weather throws at us. Cheers to the great Propagator for showing us the way on Six on Saturday. All being well I’ll be here with a another SoS next week. March will prove, I hope, to be the seed sowing month. The thing is what will tempt me into it’s magical charm to set the seed I spy upon when going through my supply of seed packets. Will I have any spending money for more seeds that lure me in to burning the proverbial hole in my pocket.