Here we are into mid February and it’s been a harsh period with storms over several months. Hope that you have been able to get in some gardening since Storm Ciara.

I’ve not done much at all, again. It’s been a difficult time to fit in any gardening. Nonetheless, I’m going to try a Six on Saturday, so here goes it.

1) This Rose has the most lush growth for this time of the year. I’ve a few roses that need some attention as they are growing in pots. Will be doing that in the coming weeks. Hoping to get even better show of roses this year though there’s quite a lot to better 2019 blooms. 

2) This Wallflower has been noticeably obvious for several weeks as it’s flowered throughout the winter.

3) Hellebores hiding among a tangle of branches, taken at night.

4) Crocosmia shooting up like crazy. I’ll be able to get several smaller clumps from these to plant out into the garden. Looking forward to flowering spikes this year as there’s not been much happening. Perhaps due to over feeding and cramped conditions so separating them will give them a new lease of life.

5) Variegated Holly is looking so good right now. It’s quite large but low growing unlike the common Holly. Wondering if I can make some new plants from this bright cheerful shrub. We shall see soon.

6) This Helichrysum might look a little disheveled but it’s actually grown during the time since it was put in its winter resting area. I’ve saved it just in case it survives the winter, it’s looking good so far.

So there’s my SoS for this week. Thanks to The Propagator for showing us to share our gardening exploits. Please keep safe during Storm Dennis. Hope it’s not a bad experience for you. Happy gardening, when you can!

Sincere apologies for those seeing different edits of this posting. I’ve been experiencing a few gremlins. Hopefully, all under my control again.