The weather’s been a little more favourable in the last week though cold especially overnight. So I’ve started some tidying up of the shrubs and plants. The Buddleja × weyeriana has been cut back severely, however, after nearly losing this shrub some years a go, I’ve been able to take good cuttings and have these ready in case of loss, also good for planting elsewhere in the garden. Managed to uproot some nettles, which has been a problem from time to time in this area. The Hellebores are doing well as reported last week and I’ve since tidied these up so more flowers are on view. They are in the same area as the Buddleja. This area is mostly shaded and is a moist area of the border.

1) Fern, may even be more than one, but this might have to go as it’s becoming a big problem. It takes up too much space and swamps the other plants. It’s quite a bully and that Buddleja is a bully too and there’s certainly no room for two bullies. The picture shows it nearly in full swing during last year’s summer.

Green Fern putting on a impressive display in the summer.
Decaying Fern but still hanging in there with some young growth in winter.

2) Perennial Wallflower, Erysimum. Can’t fault these plants as they’re just so wonderful and surviving the cold and the wet. The lengthy period of flowering at this time of year is amazing.

3) Hellebores continue to put on a great display and they’re more noticeable since removing the Buddleja growth mentioned above.

4) This crocus has to be very determined to come through along with not one other flower but third flower. I suspect there’s more than one crocus corm below the concrete.

5) Silver Birch Snow Queen. Displaying it’s

Silver Birch Snow Queen

6) I’ve finally got a couple of Buddleja Purple Chip, there was five taken but only two have taken to rooting properly. Two have failed. There’s one cutting that needs a little more time to put in more root before I can pot it on.

Buddlejia Purple Chip rooted cuttings

So that’s my Six on Saturday for this week. Hope you all get to enjoy gardening and not be under snow or blown away by the wind or perhaps deluged with rain. I’m sure we will all cope whatever the weather throws at us. Back here for another Six on Saturday next week.