Well, here we go again the weather has turned wet. Everything is sodden. The garage doors the back garden gates sodden through with the constant wet weather of which there’s no respite. The wooden gates have swollen so much that it’s difficult to open and then close. Not able to get out in the garden as it’s too wet and will be cold too. As I type out this rant about the weather I can hear the rain pelting down at the rate of 2.8mm an hour, how do I know this well it’s the rain gauge recording every drop of rain and sending that information to our smartphones. All clever stuff this technology and very useful too. We get to know the weather as and when we want for days in advance but, it’s too much too wet weather and it’s set for predominantly a wet week. 1cm of rain for today forecast and perhaps be more. So now we’ve had 5.5mm rain so far, yet it still rains! Well here’s looking out for the best of sunny ☀️ days to come and get out to get a little vitamin D and get some gardening done. Hoping it’s better where you are. 😀