I’ve been looking through some of my seed packets and just remembered there was two packs that came with a gardening magazine recently.

The first is Poppy Double Tangerine, which has soft orange double flowers height 60cm(24in). There are 200 seeds in the packet so I’ll sow some early in February where it will be warm enough to germinate. The rest of the seed may be given away or saved for later sowing if there’s failure of the early sowing. And I’ve actually made a calendar note to sow these in Feb/Mar.

Poppy Double Tangerine Gem

The second packet is Pinks Rudolph. Scented fringed blooms which again grows to a height of 60cm (24in).

Pinks Rudolph

The aim is to keep growing something new from seed each year and these two are part of that aim along with perhaps a few others too.