An occasional visit in words and pictures for gardens I’ve visited.

1. Felley Priory Gardens, Underwood, Nottinghamshire

Felley Priory Gardens

The gardens at Felley Priory are magnificent, tucked away in a quiet area of the Nottinghamshire countryside surrounded by fields. The place provides for peaceful wandering around the gardens. It’s many gardens in two and half-acre site. The summer brings the double herbaceous borders. Amazing borders around the outskirts of the garden grounds, too. There’s a working nursery, which sells plants of some well-known and some not so well-known plants, with knowledgable staff on hand, too. For those that are in need of refreshments, whether before or after the wander through the gardens, there’s the Tea Room. I believe there’s something for everyone with an interest in plants. The house was built on the site of a former monastery. It’s the kind of garden that is cared for and developed to give the best of everything that is planted. In the earlier years of visiting it wasn’t unusual to see Mrs Maria Chaworth-Musters gardening along with her trusty companion Monte the black labrador following wherever she went.

The seasons bring to each area of the garden a different look. With the early part of the year, February, bringing a mass of Snowdrops. This is followed by a many types of Daffodils and also Snake’s Head Fritillary. Later in the spring there’s a Blue Bell Wood which is situated off the fields beyond the gardens.

There are many topiary trees and boxes neatly clipped, some can be seen in the photos above. Well tendered lawns and tall hedges. A large pond with many plants surrounding the pond’s edge, with lily pads showing off the wonderful flowers drifting, seemingly, along the pond.

Events 2020

April 19, 2020 (All Day) Daffodil Sunday
June 7, 2020 (All Day) Plant Heritage Rare Plant Fair
September 20, 2020 (All Day) Felley Priory Plant Fair

The Pond at Felley Priory

Over the years I’ve visited Felley Priory I have enjoyed the many scenes the garden has to offer. There’s the rose garden which is heavily scented with old style Roses. Clematis are in abundance too. The various varieties of Agapanthus put on a magnificent show. Putting on a show are the Hydrangea Annabelle with the very large panicles of blooms. Along the border at the edge of the garden are superb Hostas of many greens and pale colouring. Along with the start of the years show of flowering is the Snowdrops followed by a vast amount of Daffodils in many varieties followed by Bluebells and Tulips.

The visitor is in for treat at Felley Priory that won’t disappoint no matter the season. There’s also the chance you will find, in the nursery, that plant that you have the perfect spot for in your garden. It’s also possible you will leave Felley with many plants because one plant leads to another that will compliment another. Well, that’s gardening, it’s addictive it gives the gardener such a great feeling though.