Well, here’s the last for this year of the Daily Gardening Thing. It’s the end of the year and the end of the decade.
Leaves and there’s lots of them, which at home, the garden at the rear of the house has five trees which eventually leave their spring, summer and autumn leaves every where. Very often not in your own garden, which leads me to a true story about leaves and neighbours.
A work colleague, (years ago this story is when I was working), had told me when he and his wife moved house the neighbour had been extremely picky. He insisted that at no time would he tolerate their tree dropping its leaves on his garden beyond the boundary of the two properties. Well, I was stunned at this oddball thinking and, the impossibility off maintaining where a leaf would fall. So it’s one of those chores of raking or sweeping up those leaves each year, perhaps several times in a year it’s good for these leaves cleared away and put on the compost heap.
I prefer, however, to put them in a plastic bin bag with a few holes for aeration and the bag tied off and put somewhere out-of-the-way for a year. Then the rotting process will be better once mixed in the compost heap or use as mulch. Oh and don’t forget to watch where those leaves land! By the way, one of the five trees is a plum tree which is our neighbours and quite a lot of it hangs over our garden and shades the greenhouse too.

Photo by WARREN BLAKE on Pexels.com