So, I thought while winter has its grip on us, and it’s been so wet and cold any way, why not give a little daily treat of things I’ve read about. This could could be anything gardening related, it might be a new plant or perhaps a structure or a new tit bit to aid the gardener. So here goes it. Hope you enjoy but also I apologise if you’ve seen the thing or read about the thing it’s a way of putting stuff out there and a reminder for me perhaps I should get on with planting the plant or seeds I came across back at the end of 2019!

Daily Gardening Thing 29th December 2019

Dahlia – Orange Sakura. This striking Dahlia is one that will turn heads to take a long look. From the photos I’ve seen it’s a most unusual Dahlia. It’s of the type fimbriata. Sutton’s are one seller of these Dahlia tubers.

Dahlia – Orange Sakura