The season of colour changes and many plants that will be astounding for this time of year.

Well I started the year with the flowering Cherry and here it is again in its splendid copper coloured leaves.

Flowering Cherry
Flowering Cherry in its autumn colour

The Betula Snow Queen, is showing its yellowing leaves now which are strikingly story against the sky.

Betula Silver Birch Snow Queen
Silver Birch – Betula Snow Queen

As I write this silver birch is beginning to lose its colour and moreover its leaves. The wet weather has put a halt to a prolonged autumn colour, at least it seems for the silver birch.

 Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’. This is one of the few grasses in the garden mainly because I’ve never got along with them. However, nowadays I’m in two minds and willing to give them room if they behave. This Zebra grass dies back each year and presents itself with fresh growth each spring. The reason for the autumn inclusion is that I believe it has its best time of the year in this season.

Plumbago or leadwort, is a tender plant that does survive well after the winter. This plant is in a pot in south facing position. For several months, from the winter, there’s no evidence of a plant but late spring appears some growth that grows and spreads quite well. Eventually, as the summer begins to fade, there appears small blue flowers. Slowly, at first, the leaves turn red. This year has been more spectacular than previous years.

Heuchera, Rio

This is one of the new plants this year, Heuchera, Rio. This has been an amazing plant with so many leaves with a colour that is stunning. This plant was given to me for my birthday back in August. Of course I am delighted to receive such wonderful plant. The flowers are somewhat insignificant but there have been many of these which tower aloft on red stems. For the moment it will remain in its pot and I’ll decide if I can find a place in the garden.

Hydrangea Vanille Fraise. Another new plant for 2019. I’ve seen some mature plants of this hydrangea. It looked great when it arrived in the post, nicely wrapped and secure from spilt compost or broken branches. It arrived with six stems all with flower heads ready to bloom. It’s given such a brilliant display of white through to pink to red to deep copper dried flowers. Looking forward to its display next year.


Spring brought a mass of yellow flowers and amazing scent. Autumn has now brought this golden yellow leaves in the autumn sunshine on November 10th. Soon this will be a scene of dead leaves around it to leave nothing more than sticks.

Well, that’s autumn. It’s been wet and windy and frosty a few days. Getting in the garden has been a challenge due to adverse weather and timings for me to be available. Hoping to get some tidying up done over the next few weeks.